Wrex the Dawg
Manufacturer WowWee
Type Interactive Pet
Released 2008

Wrex the Dawg is an interactive robotic dog developed by WowWee. He can be controlled by remote or autonomously roam around your house. He uses two wheels located near his back end as well as two jointed legs to scoot around. As he moves about his ears, jaw and tail will move, imitating a real dog. He is capable of executing a few, pre-programmed procedures, such as demo mode, guard mode, and off-leash mode. In demo mode he drives around and basically shows off his main features; in guard mode he will warn you when a stranger is approaching; and in off-leash mode he roams around your house and explores. Wrex can also preform a variety of tricks including shaking, playing dead, and dancing.

Wrex also included a few sensors. He has some proximity sensors, used for avoiding obstacle and avoiding corners. The remote control uses a tilt sensor for choosing between modes. Near the back leg there is a sensor of sorts that detects if someones hand is there when the robot is moving; if so, the robot will stop moving and promptly say "Don’t get your hand stuck". This feature was probably added for younger children so they do not get their hands pinched.

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