A Robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically or via a remote control. Robots are often used to do daunting tasks too difficult for humans, like preforming sensitive surgeries or handling hazardous materials. They are also used to do time consuming work like machining metal or assembling a car.

Hobby robotsEdit

Hobby robot

Hobby robots are DIY robotic kits or robots that are customizable/hackable.

Some are also used as educational robots.

Entertainment robots=Edit

Entertainment robot

Entertainment robots can range from simple toys to complex gadgets used to entertain. Their single simple purpose is to entertain.

Should be categorized as toy robots or Experimental robots (e.g. the ping-pong playing robots).

Industrial robotEdit

Industrial robot

Industrial robots are robots which perform revenupene pene pene

e work in industry; building cars or computers; that sort of thing.

Domestic robotEdit

Domestic robot

Domestic robotss are robots that are used within a house, most of the time to either maintain it or provide some sort of service to the people within the house.

Military robotEdit

Military robot

Military robots are robots used in the military, whether it be for combat, surveillance or transmission.

Medical robotEdit

Medical robot

Medical robots are used in the medical field to preform daunting tasks that require extreme preciseness.

Service robotEdit

Service robot

Service robots preform tasks that are either unable to be preformed by humans (such as handling hazardous chemicals), or are just lengthy tasks that are too dull or repetitive for humans. They range from small domestic robots to large industrial robots.

Experimental robotEdit

Research robot

Experimental robots are primarily built with the intent of research and development. These types of robots are most popular in colleges and high schools. However, some companies, like Boston Dynamics or Honda, also do research on different types of robots.

Research robotEdit

Spirit rover

Research robots are used in science, e.g. in locations that humans cannot reach like outer space or deep sea.

Educational robotEdit

Hobby robot

Educational robots are designed to teach about robots. Could be from toddler-level to university grade.

Some are advanced toy robots or Hobby robots.

Fictional robotEdit

Fictional robot

Fictional robots are often depicted in books, movies, or TV shows.

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