Note: This page is still under construction
  1. Treat Others With Respect. Remember to always treat others the way that you would like to be treated. You will meet many people who may have different views, beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds. Please always be respectful of those differences and please do not preach your beliefs to others unless they specifically ask.
  2. Keep It Clean. Everything said and done here should be appropriate for an audience of our youngest fans. As examples of this you should never use or imply any content that contains curse words, personal insults, extreme violence, death, real life weapons, illegal activities, romantic connections between users, advertising, or anything else inappropriate for children.
  3. Keep it Spam Free. Making pages with useless content, spam editing to gaining badges or raising editcount, or randomly posting nonsense will not be tolerated. Please only create pages that will be beneficial to this wiki, if you aren't sure whether or not it is needed ask an admin. If you want to earn badges please do so by making quality edits, and not by making a large amount of small spammy edits on one article. Such behavior will be dealt with by a block if done after asking to be stopped.
  4. Stay Safe. We do not allow users to share personal information such as full names, telephone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, etc. You also may not give out any personal information about another user; not even first names.
  5. Be Yourself. Every individual is unique in their own way. You can show your own unique identity by always being yourself and never pretending to be another user, an administrator, a moderator, or a someone popular.
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