RS Media
Manufacturer WowWee
Type Humanoid
Released 2006

RS Media is a toy humanoid robot developed by WowWee. RS Media is twenty-three inches tall and weighs almost nine pounds. He has sight, sound and touch sensors that allow him to sense and interact with his environment. RS Media also has the ability to recognize and respond to speech. He is able to do a variety of preassigned movements such as: bending, sitting and standing, lying down and getting up, dancing, waving, and martial arts.


  • Two processors
  • One USB port
  • Stereo audio plug
  • SD card slot
  • VGA color camera located in the forehead for image recognition, and video recording
  • 20 kHz microphone located in the chest for audio recording
  • 1.9" 176x132 pixel color TFT supertwist LCD screen in its chest
  • 11W 3-speaker system (2 x metal speakers + 1 back-mounted woofer)
  • Power-adapter port in foot
  • 12 motors
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