Composants electroniques Edit

HE&EE Edit

P-brick Edit

The EV3 robot is a programmable brick. It has four input ports, four output ports, a mini USB port (special use of NXT), a USB port (new for ev3), an SD card slot (new for ev3), a speaker, five buttons (center, right, left, up, down, back button), backlit button with three colors (red, orange, green; new for ev3) and screen (larger than that of NXT). It has 64 times more operational memory than NXT. Uses six AA batteries or a special rechargeable battery. There is one in the HE set and one in the EE set.

Medium servo-motor Edit

Smaller, cheaper and less powerfull servo-motor. Also works as turn sensor. There is one M-motor in both EE and HE sets.

Large servo-motor Edit

Larger, more expensive and more powerful servo-motor. Also works as turn sensor. Has turning parts on two sides. There are two L-motors in HE set and two in EE set.

Touch sensor Edit

Touch sensor is a sensor with a button, which detects, when button is pushed. There is one touch sensor in HE set and two in EE set.

Color sensor Edit

Color sensor is sensor, which can detect colors (7 colors and no color) and level of light. There is one color sensor in HE set and one in EE set.

Cable pack Edit

Cable pack is a pack of cables. In cable pack there are four cables 25cm long, two cables 35cm long and one cable 50cm long. There is one cable pack in HE set and one in EE set.

USB wire Edit

One in HE set and one in EE set.

HE only Edit

IR sensor Edit

Measures distance between itself and object in front of it, using infrared signals. Also works as IR reciever. There is one in a set.

IR beacon Edit

It has five buttons and four infrared channels. It uses two AAA batteries. There is one in a set.

EE only Edit

Gyrosensor Edit

Measures an angle and side of tilting. There is one in a set.

Ultrasoinc sensor Edit

Measure distance between itself and an object in front of it using ultrasonic signals.

Not in HE or EE Edit

Recargable battery Edit

Charger Edit

NXT sensors Edit

There are some sensors in NXT, which ev3 doesn't have, but ev3 P-brick can use any sensor or motor from NXT and NXT 2.0.

Track3r Edit

Track3r is a stupid, basic model of mindstorms ev3 home edition. It is a tracked machine and it features four changable accesories (bi-blade, bazooka, claw and hummer). It uses all 3 motors, IR sensor, color sensor, IR beacon and P-brick. It has five ready official missions. Track3r uses the "map", cut from the box for each mission, except mission 4.

Mission 1 Edit

Here it uses all three motors and P-brick from electronics, one tire from other parts and bi-blade from accesories. It mives forward, puts tire off the "map" and moves backward.

Mission 2 Edit

Here it uses the same electronics, but four tires and bazooka instead of bi-blade. It turns left and shoots left tire column then turns right and shoots right tire column.

Mission 3 Edit

Here it uses same electronics, but two tires and claw as an accesorie. There are two tires in front of it, it mives to one tire, grabs it, turns right and puts it on anither circle. Than it does the same with second tire and moves back.

Mission 4 Edit

Here the same elctronics + IR sensor are used, no tires are used and accesorie ia a hummer. IR sensor is placed at back. Robot moves, turning a bit, and if something is in front of IR sensor, robot turns 180 degrees and hits it with hummer.

Mission 5 Edit

Here P-brick, all three motors, IR sensor, IR beacon and color sensor are used from electronics, four tires are used and an accesorie is bi-blade. Tires are placed on colored circles of "map" and bi-blade is turning all the time. You should control it with remote control, remove tires, scan colirs of circles with color sensor and avoid red lines. P-brick records the time and counts your top result.
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