Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin logo
Founder Glenn Martin
Malcom Lockheed
Founded 1995
Headquarters Betheseda, Maryland
Industry Technology

Lockheed Martin is a technology company located in Betheseda, Maryland. They mainly develop advanced technology for the U.S. Military, being one of the biggest defense contractors for the United States.


On August 16, 1912, Glenn Martin established the Glenn L. Martin Company in Los Angeles, California. He decided to start the company after he built his first plane in a rented church building.

Four months later, on December 19, 1912, Allan and Malcolm Lockheed founded the "Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company", later renamed to the "Lockheed Aircraft Company". They set up shop inside a garage, constructing seaplanes that would shatter speed and distance records for over-water flights.

Lockheed Martin is the result of these two companies merging in 1995.


  • Lockheed Martin employs over 165,000 people worldwide.
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