Creator Boston Dynamics
Type Walker
Released 2009

LittleDog is a 4-legged robot developed by Boston Dynamics. He was designed for research on locomotion in quadrupeds. LittleDog is currently used at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of South California, University of Pennsylvania and the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition as part of a DARPA-funded program on advanced robotics. LittleDog has four legs, each powered by three electric motors and has a large range of motion. The robot is strong enough for climbing and walking across reasonable tough terrain. On board the robot there is a PC-level computer that does sensing, actuator control and communications. LittleDog runs on rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, with allows it to run for 30 minutes continuously. Wireless communications and data logging support remote operation and data analysis. LittleDog development was funded by the DARPA Information Processing Technology Office.


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